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CV. Mitra Laser - Jual Fusion Splicer Sunway S6 | Garansi 1 Tahun

Tanggal Pasang Iklan: 04 Dec 2023

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CV. Mitra Laser - Jual Fusion Splicer Sunway S6 | Garansi 1 Tahun

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Lain-Lain - Elektronik

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Provinsi Banten - Kota Tangerang Selatan



Deskripsi Iklan

Compact Active V-Groove Fusion Splicer
Light Weight, Compact Size, Handheld Fusion Splicer
Samrt Connecting With Internet
3,5" Hight Resolution LCD Touch Sreen With 380x Magnification
German CNC Technique and Integrated Fiber-Adjust Frame, Wich Make Performance Much Stable
Built-in Japanese Components And Korean Chipset
2 Hight-Power White Leds And Illuminated Keypad Simplifies your Work At Night
Dust Proof, Water Proff, Shoch Proof And Hight Temperature Resistance
Model FST-V1 Is Updated To Ensure Compatible And Stable Opreation With All Climatic Condition


Model : SUNWAY S6
Appicable Fibers : SM( ITU-T G.652&G.657),MM(ITU-T-G.651)DS(ITU-T G653),NZDS(ITU-T G655)
Compatible Fiber/Cable : 0.25-3.0mm/Indoor Cable
Cleaved Length : Cladding diameter,125um+1um, Coating diameter:245um+5um and 900um
Splicing MOde : Preset 41 splicing modes, storable 100 modes
Typical Splice Loss : SM: 0.03dB/MM: 0.02dB/DS: 0.05dB/NZDS: 0.05dB/G657:0.0dB ( ITU-T Standard )
Return Loss : 60db
Lighting : 2 powerful white LEDS
Splicing Time : SM fast mode: 6s, Auto mode 9s
Estimated Splice Loss : Yes
Protection Leeve Length : 20-60mm
Heating tank : Preset 5 kinds of thermal heating tube: 20/30/40/50/60mm, Max 100 modes
Results Storage : 20000 latest recods & 200 images
Tension Test : 1.5-2.ON
Display : 3.5" hight resolution display with touch sreen
Fiber Vies * Magnification : X,Y,XY,X/Y:380XMagnification
Power Supply : AC input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, DC input 12-15V
Battery capacity : Lithium battery with capacity 4000mAH
Heating times : Typical above 200 times ( splicing+heating )
Operating Methods : Button/Touch Screen
Automatic Calibration : Automatic ARC calibration by air pressure and temperature
Electrode Life : 5000 ARCS
Terminal : USB 2.0
Weight : 1.5 ( including rubber Bumper )
Dimension : 132*205L*116Hmm ( includding rubber Bumper )
Operating Condition : Operating altitude 0-5000m above sea level, 0-95% relative humidity - 10-50C, max winds 15m/s, IP51

Pengiklan: Roni Zayini

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