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CV. Mitra Laser - Jual Fusion Splicer JetFiber H5 | Garansi 1 Tahun

Tanggal Pasang Iklan: 05 Dec 2023

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CV. Mitra Laser - Jual Fusion Splicer JetFiber H5 | Garansi 1 Tahun

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Lain-Lain - Elektronik

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Rp25.000.000,- Nego


Provinsi Banten - Kota Tangerang Selatan



Deskripsi Iklan

Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer JetFiber H5 Splicing Machine :
* Advanced PAS Alignment system, 4 motor drivers, used in FTTH, such as data center, building, etc.
* 5 seconds splicing, 12 seconds heating. High-efficient working
* Mini size, handheld. Touch Screen. Supporing 240 times splice&heat; cycles
* Auto-calibrated ARC discharge, easy to be maintained.
* Power on lock and Time delay locak, very useful for renting business.

Size & Weight: D136×W141×H136(MM); 1.5kg(1.8kg with battery)
Fiber alignment: Advance PAS alignment
Fiber type: SM(ITU-T G.652), MM(ITU-T G.651), DS(ITU-T G.653), NZ/NZDS(ITU-T G.655), BI(ITU-T G.657)
Splice mode: Single fiber
Fiber diameter: Cladding diameter 80~150um, coating 100~1000um
Cleave length: 250um cladding diameter 8~16mm, over 250um cladding diameter 16mm
Splicing programs: Max.100
Splicing cycle time: 5 secs.[SM Fast] program, 10 secs.[Auto] program
Heating programs: Max.30
Heating cycle time: Adjustable, 12 secs. typical
Splice protector: 10~60mm
Splice image capture: Max.300
Splice data storage: Max.20000
Splice loss: SM:0.02dB, MM:0.01dB, DS:0.04dB, NZ/NZDS:0.04dB, BI:0.02dB
Return loss: >>60dB
Loss estimation: Provided
Operation condition: Altitude 0~5000m, Humidity 0~95%, Temperature -20~+50℃, Wind velocity up to 15m/s
Storage condition: Humidity 0~95%, Temperature -40 ~+80℃(Battery -20~+40℃)
Tesion: 2N
Fiber view: Two cameras observation, 4.1 inch high-light color screen
Fiber magnification: 300x for X or Y single axis view,150x for both X&Y dual axis view
Port: High speed USB
Electrode life: 5000 arc discharges
Power supply: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Battery module: 4000mAh High capacity battery, more than240 times splicing and heating

Untuk info dan harga terbaik, silahkan hubungi :
Roni Zayini
Mobile : 081274087466
WA : 081274087466

Pengiklan: Roni Zayini

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