> > > > Molykote HSC Plus,molycote Solid lubricant paste

Molykote HSC Plus,molycote Solid lubricant paste

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Molykote HSC Plus,molycote Solid lubricant paste

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Description:Solid lubricant paste;Contains no lead or nickel.
Applications :Used for metal/metal combinations that are subjected to high temperatures and frictional contacts,typically for bolted joints.Suitable for lubrication points with low speeds, subjected to high temperatures and corrosive effects and also require a low and constant coefficient of friction. Applied as a contact lubricant for electrically conducting components. Used successfully for stud bolts of gas and steam turbines, stud bolts of turbochargers of diesel engines,flanged connections in chemical and petrochemical plants.
Features :Can be used over a wide range of temperature; Enables non-destructive dismantling, even after long use at high temperatures; High load-carrying capacity; Due to stated coefficient of friction, defined pre-tensioning forces for bolted joints can be achieved; Good corrosion protection; Good electrical conductivity.
Composition : Mineral oil; Thickening agents; Solid lubricants; Metal powder (lead free).
Temperature Range : From −30°C to +1100°C
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